Treat Your Kids in These Exciting Castles in America

Becoming a prince or a princess is every child’s dream and to live the fairytale bliss in a castle is nothing short of thrilling.  While a trip to Europe’s medieval castle would cost a lot of money and time, you have the most convenient option to rent cool castles in the United States.  These houses designed to resemble castles will surely spark your kids’ imaginations and will unleash the inner kid in you.


The Idaho Castle

Located in Hope, Idaho, this castle is furnished with five bedrooms that can accommodate up to 16 guests.  Aside from the magnificent view of Lake Pend Oreille that you can feast while lounging on the front patio of the Idaho Castle, you and your loved ones are treated with the relaxing ambiance of lush greens as this house/castle sits on the mountain.  Of course, there are bunk beds and a pool table exclusively for children’s playground.


The Castle Cottage (Overlooking Lake George)

This old-fashioned castle overlooking the gorgeous Lake George is more than enough to convince you to treat your family for a weekend getaway.  Located in Bolton, New York, this castle cottage sleeps six guests and is protected by a statue of a giant lion. What are you waiting for? Play dress up with your favorite fairytale characters and don’t forget to take a selfie.


The Castle

This huge castle in Palmyra, Illinois has five bedrooms that can house 21 guests.  More than its modern facade is an array of exciting features and activities designed for big families.  Think of wood-burning fireplaces scattered in different areas of the castle to keep you warm and a game room equipped with a pool table.  The Castle is located on a wooded estate provided with a beach and pond. Indeed, there are a lot of amazing things that your family especially the children can enjoy here.