How to Tell If Your Baby is Stressed


Babies like all people tend to get stressed out. Given they can’t verbally tell you what is bothering them, you often won’t know what triggers the baby. All you can do is try to calm the baby down and get it back to state of laughter and smiles. Interestingly enough, there are a number of signs you’ll baby will get when it’s stressed out. It isn’t all just wailing and fussing. Here are some signs to look out for you that you know your baby is stressed out.

  • Avoiding Eye Contact – Eye contact is one of a baby’s favorite activities. They can’t really run around and explore the world yet, so for them the eyes are everything. When they make eye contact it is a huge stimulation for them. When they are avoiding eye contact, that is a serious sign that they are stressed out and frustrated. The baby is so over it.
  • Crying After Laughter – Sometimes the world around them can be just too much for the baby to take. The baby’s emotions get the most of them and they begin to laugh and then suddenly blow up into a stream of tears.
  • Rapid Heartbeating and Heavy Breathing – Sometimes the things that are stressing us out can throw us into an absolute panic. Same with babies. If you want to know if a situation is too stressful for your baby, just look at him. Feel for his heartrate and checks how he is breathing. His body is just like ours but only smaller.

If your baby is stressed out, don him a favor and take him into a quiet room. Rock him back and forth gently. You have to soothe your baby back into a calm state. Take them somewhere with dim lighting. Maybe near a fish tank or something. Seeing as babies have underdeveloped nervous systems, it is much more easier for them to get stressed out. Do your best to keep them happy and calm.