Consider Breastfeeding Over Formula


Breastfeeding comes with a share of downsides. Depending on where you live, feeding your baby is public can be a big problem and people might look down on you for it. It can also be painful and leave you dealing with teeth marks. That said, a lot of young mothers have turned to formula feeding their baby. It may seem like the best route to go down, but let’s face it, it comes with a lot of downsides for your baby.

Formula feeding isn’t doing your baby’s digestive system any favors. Formula feeding also means that they’ll be fed less often. It is a healthy alternative to feeding your baby steak and lobster right out of the womb, but it can have a lot of setbacks for your baby. Also, it just isn’t natural.

Breastfeeding on the other hand has an assortment of benefits for your baby. For instance, breast milk is full of antibodies. This is no small thing. Antibodies will protect your baby from a boat load of viruses and bacteria. This particular method of feeding will also help your baby over come risk of getting asthma and allergies. Formula fed babies are at way higher risk of growing up to be sickly adults. That is no good.

Babies that are breast fed for at least the first six months of their lives will live with fewer ear infections, respiratory illnesses and stomach issues. When it comes to the best nutrition a baby can have, breast milk is the ultimate provider. Some studies have shown that breast milk is even linked to higher IQ within a baby. The closeness that comes with breast feeding will also help you and your baby bond better.

Whereas formula fed babies won’t exactly go onto live horrible lives plagued with sickness, breastfeeding is definitely the route you’ll want to take with your baby. In the end it can only be a positive experience for them.