How to Get That Baby to Sleep


Amongst humanity sleep is kind of a big deal. Rob us of it and society as a whole would crash in a week. The lack of sleep is what makes parenting so hard, especially in the first few months. The baby is always crying, always up and frequently in need of being rocked back into dreamland. For a new parent this can be nightmare, especially if they’re two working parents. Here are some solid methods to put your baby to sleep.

  • Avoid Eye Contact – For a baby, eye contact is one of the most stimulating activities. Looking into your baby’s eyes before bed time is a sure way to keep them up all night. Whatever happens, you must resist the temptation to make animated or deep eye contact with your baby.
  • Darken The Room – As nice as nightlights sound, they can keep the baby up. Make sure that the room is dark. If they are sleeping in the day buy thick curtains that will give the room a nighttime effect. When you want to wake the baby, open up the curtains and let the sun is. This will train your baby that day time is for being up and nighttime is for sleeping.
  • Keep a Routine – Don’t mix things up for your baby at night, but take them through a familiar motion. Give them a warm bath, sing them a light song and turn out the lights.Do it nightly. This will give them a good hour to get prepared for sleep.
  • Comfortable Jammies – Keep in mind what your baby is wearing as he/she sleeps. Itchy or tight material can really cause a night of discomfort for your baby, as well as a night of up and down for you. Make sure you buy your baby clothes that are fine and soft in texture. Try cotton.
  • Your Voice – Nothing is more soothing and relaxing for a baby then the sound of your voice. Speak gently to your baby as you rock them to sleep. Your voice is something that will make them feel safe and not so alone.

By practicing these methods, we assure you that you’ll be sleeping a lot better from here on out. You can kiss that daytime fatigue and those raccoon eyes goodbye. You’ll be feeling like your old self in no time at all.