The Importance of Playing With Your Baby

Newborn babies are fragile and have to be handled with extreme care, for any new fathers this er. can be scary to handle. Dropping the baby or injuring it is something you’ll never live down. That said, playing with your baby might seem out of the question, but this just isn’t true. There are a number of ways you can play with your baby and mold him/her to be more outgoing and playful in the future.

  • Turn on some soothing music. Maybe a nice lullaby or something classical. Either will work just fine. Hold you baby close and gently sway him/her back in forth to the rhythm of the tune.
  • Music is great during those early stages of parenthood. Another way to have fun with the baby is to choose a nice song you like (make sure it isn’t loud or disturbing, but soothing) and sing it to the baby in a very calming voice.
  • Another way to get a laugh out of your infant is to smile at him/ her, stick out your tongue or make funny expressions. This will inspire your baby to laugh and even teach him/her how to study, learn and imitate.

It’s important that you buy them toys that will inspire their senses. Anything to do with touching, hearing or seeing will be perfect. Also go for toys that have color patterns, curves and symmetry. This will help your baby develop better vision and with better vision comes movements. The quicker they learn the smarter they’ll be in the long run. Try for…..

  • Rattles
  • Textured toys
  • Musical toys
  • Unbreakable mirrors

Playing is essential for your baby in terms of learning how to communicate, socialize and understand their surroundings. They’ll learn the most in those first months by communicating and watching you and your significant other.