The Perfect Time to Tell Your Kid They’re Adopted


Adopting a child is a beautiful thing, yet there is always that scary moment looming. The one where the kid wants to know why he looks different than you. You’ll have to figure out that perfect moment to tell him/her that they’re adopted. This will usually lead to a thousand questions and sometimes even a search for the child’s birth parents. It can be hard for the parents and in some cases super hard for the child.

My advice is to open up to your child about adoption as soon as possible. The earlier you bring it up, the easier it will be on everyone involved. Age six or eight are sometimes the best ages to bring it up to them. They be curious and ask questions about it and you can fill them in on all the positives that come with adoption.

A child younger than six will usually still have separation anxiety about being away from their parents. The last thing they need is something that might sound threatening to them. Another mistake that is often make is waiting until your child is a teen to tell them about the adoption. Hearing such news will definitely have some ill effects on their personal self-esteem. One would think it’d be easier, but it’s definitely not.

If your child is of a different race, this means you should tell them earlier than six. It won’t be long until they start seeing the difference between themselves and the rest of the family. At that point you need to swoop in and give them some assurance. Let them know that they may look different, but under the skin everyone is one in the same.

If you find yourself struggling to open up about the topic, buy some children’s books about the issue. They come in abundance and will build the perfect platform for you to bring up the conversation on.