Preventing a Temper Tantrum

We saw it before we were parents and now we’re experiencing for ourselves. The walk of shame when your toddler’s face turns beet red and he/she begins shrieking in a restaurant. The other guest turn and look your way and some give you annoyed stares. You try to calm your toddler down, but it’s no use. You are forced to pick him up and walk out of the restaurant for your sake and the sake all of those surrounding you.

It doesn’t need to end this way and in some cases it doesn’t even have to begin. Here are some tips for dealing with a toddler temper tantrum.

Understand The Tantrums
Temper tantrums are methods used by toddlers to test their parent’s limits and get what they want. The worst thing a parent can do is give into a tantrum. The minute you’ve done so, you’ve given them assurance that tantrums work. You must be like a brick wall with your child. When he/she cries for an ice cream you must know not to give it.

Recognizing Triggers
Knowing what triggers your child’s tantrum can save you a lot of grief. If it is candy, you should avoid the candy section at all cost. Do the same for toys. Unless you plan on buying your child a toy, it is best avoid the toy section.

A solid preventive measure is to let your child bring a toy with them to the store. Their attention span isn’t strong in those formative years. If they have a toy with them, you can float right over the action figure section without them even noticing. Note that it’s also important that your child is well rested and fed before going out in public. A child who is hungry and tired is much more likely to throw a temper tantrum.

Stopping a Tantrum
The easiest way to stop a tantrum is to give in and give the child what he wants. Although taking this route will assure you a lifetime of tantrums. Your best bet is to explain to your child why this behavior is unacceptable. If he/she doesn’t listen, ignore them. Let them scream across the store, but whatever you do show no emotion. Be like a robot. When your kid comes to the conclusion that tantrums don’t work, the tantrums will end.
Toddler tantrum on floor