The Harmful Things That Parents Do During Baby’s Bath Time

While bath time is a fun time for your little ones, this exciting activity needs supervision and safety guidelines.  As you bond with your baby or toddler with the refreshing water and thrilling bubbles, accidents and deaths can happen.  Be attentive and avoid these common mistakes that parents do during their baby’s bath time.

Being unprepared

Bathtub, towel, sponge, baby’s soap are the basic things that you need in bathing your baby.  Always make sure that these things are ready prior to giving him a bath so you don’t need to leave the room to get one or two of the bath stuff that you missed.

Unable to test the water temperature

Babies are sensitive to cold and hot so be cautious with the water temperature before putting them in the tub.  Always test the water temperature, always to avoid burns and chills to your tots. Lukewarm water is highly suggested or if you have a water heater, set it to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Using too much shampoo/soap

When shopping for baby soaps/shampoos, make sure that they’re hypoallergenic and baby-friendly.  Note that the baby’s skin is highly sensitive so too much soap is not allowed to prevent irritation from toxic chemicals.

Bathing babies too long

Prolonged bath time is not encouraged as exposing your young kids in the water for a long time can cause skin dryness and hyperthermia.  Daily short baths are more preferred and 5 to 10 minutes of letting them play in the water is enough.

Leaving the bathroom

The worst thing that parents do during bath time is leaving their kids alone in the bathroom.  Toddlers are prone to accidents in the room considering that the floor is wet and slippery- bumping their heads and slipping on the floor are likely to happen when these tots are unattended.