Tips on Making Your Home Baby Proof


On average babies begin to crawl at eight months. The world is a new place to them and babies are curious and on the move. They will be interested in everything, they will get into everything and be everywhere. In a house where there are open drawers and heavy objects placed on high up shelves, there will be a disaster just waiting to happen. You have to take caution and take the necessary steps to make your home completely baby proof.


The Kitchen

The kitchen can be the bearer of a lot of grief if it isn’t properly tackled. You have chemicals under the sink, a stove and high shelves. Even the dog’s food can be a choking hazard. Firstly, the stove knobs can be fun to twist around. Make sure you have covers for them. Also make sure you have a latch that will prevent the oven door from crashing on the baby. When it comes to cabinet doors, use ties to keep them shut. Everything on high shelves should be pushed back far enough so they won’t fall.


The Bathroom

When it comes to the bathroom, you should always test out the water temperature before putting the baby inside. Last thing you want is a burned baby. Also use covers to cover up the spout in the tub. This can cause a lot of injuries. Non slip mats on the bathroom floor are a must. It will also be wise to get cabinet locks for the cabinet under the sink and one for the toilet seat.


The Living Room

If caution isn’t taken in the living room, the room can live against its name. Windowsills, coffee tables, TV stands and even couches offer a lot of sharp corners. Get corner cushions with bumpers. If you have stairs, invest in a baby gate. They aren’t the most stylish pieces of decor, but the are essential to survival. Also, make sure you pick up electric socket covers. Those will prevent baby from getting shocked. Keep in mind to also do something back cords. Cords can be a huge death trap.