5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Active

When I was a kid I couldn’t wait to go outside to play with friends. Riding bikes around town, getting into trouble and looking for adventure was all the jazz. Times have changed and today most kids would opt for a day in doors in front of a screen rather than a fun time outside. For a parent who grew up in the 80’s or 90’s this behavior can be unsettling to watch. Here are some ways you can encourage your kid to be more physically active.



Don’t give your kids a ride to places, instead make them walk. Walking an hour back from school is no problem for kids. It gets them to relieve the stress of the day and think about what they’ve been up to. If they are going to meet their friends at the local mall, given it isn’t across town, let them walk there. You don’t need to be their chauffeur. Having them walk places will even show them that they have to take charge and work for what they want.



Most kids really go nuts for things like treehouses and swimming pools. It’s a near essential part of childhood. Although I suggest having them work for it. Don’t hire professional to dig that hole for the pool, make them do it. Help them build the treehouse, show them how to use tools. This way they can spend a good amount of time outdoors working for what they want. It’ll mean so much more to them.


Join a Sport

Get your child out of the house and give him a competitive edge by having him join a sport. They won’t only build up a sweat, but they’ll also make friends, embrace competition and gain a new interest. It will show your child that a lot of fun can be had outdoors and not locked inside with video games and computers.


Boy/Girl Scouts

Having your kid join the scouts is perfect way to keep them on their toes. They’ll learn a bunch of cool survival techniques, have to master things to earn a badge and will go on lots of outdoor camping trips. While they are there they’ll also make lots of cool friends and create some unforgettable memories.


Weekend Trips

Make sure you spend some quality time with your kid. Set up weekend trips to theme parks, hiking trails, take them to sporting events or go biking. Limit drastically their time in front of the television and on the phone. It’s super easy to just sit your kid in front of the latest video game and let them get lost in lala land, but don’t do it. Raise a productive member of society.