Why the Playground is Essential For Your Child

A lot of people seem to be living with the notion that playing outside is out. That kids these days rather be locked up in the house in front of the computer or walking around lost in a mobile phone screen. In a huge sense, perhaps games like tag and hide and seek have taken a backseat to technology, yet that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be a huge part of your child’s life. The park contains growing essentials that your kid will never find online.


  • Social Skills – When you go to the park, you can expect to find there a legion of playing children. These kids will offer your child the opportunity to be social and learn how to interact with people. They will make friends, meet older and younger kids and also learn how to be social. This will pull little Jimmy right out of his shell.
  • Brain Development – Children are born with the need to play and be social. This is natural to all growing beings. This is nature’s way of growing the brain. The typical playground is suited for kids of all ages and has many different obstacles and activities. They can build sandcastles, play brain teasing games and even climb.
  • Kills Stress – The fresh air, the running, the jumping and playing is a great way to kill some stress and put kids in a great mood. Just being outside and seeing your kid enjoy themselves is also a great way to make you feel great.
  • Strengthens Motor Skills – Playgrounds are great areas for building those motor skills. Your kids will run, slide, climb and swing. It is on this playground that they will build up their muscles and get some good exercise.


That said, it is super important that your kid gets up and goes out to play. You definitely don’t want them to dedicate their lives to staying inside and playing video games. The social skills, the brain developments and great motor skills will only help them become more successful in life. Take them to that playground.