Tips For Keeping Your Child Healthy

In this virtual age, computers, phones and video games are bombarding our children and keeping them glued to seats and in front of screens. Don’t get me wrong, these inventions have graced our lives with amazing benefits, but too much time on them can be a health risk, especially for developing children. My advice isn’t to take them away send your children back to the stone age, but to simply limit their time on them and send them outside for awhile.


Keep Your Kids Active

Staying active is essential to a child’s health. Hitting the playground, playing tag with friends and swimming are sure to keep your child in tip top shape. When I was a child, despite loving my Super Nintendo, I loved more to go outside with my friends and run around my neighborhood. When I compare my childhood to my little cousins kid, things are quite different. He knows more about technology then me and is spending most of his childhood with eyes fixed to a screen.


Establish a Sleeping Pattern

Keeping children active is essential, but it doesn’t end there. Establishing a proper sleeping schedule is of huge importance. Getting a good night’s sleep helps the metabolism, boost their ability to fight infections and helps the body fight illnesses when sick.


Encourage a Healthy Diet

It’s also important to encourage a healthy diet. I know fast food is cheap and a convenient option, but the long term effects of it can be detrimental to a person’s quality of life. Feed your children veggies and lean meats and a good substitute for those sugary fruit juices is water. Always make sure your child is getting plenty of water.


Your child’s health starts with you. By exposing your child to a healthy lifestyle, you can stand assured they’ll grow to experience a quality adulthood.