Top 5 Favorite Sports For Kids

A big part of nearly everyone’s childhood is being enrolled in a sport. When I was a kid we were on a baseball team and we briefly trained in karate. For some kids it’s basketball or soccer. Others dabble in football and boxing. Getting your kid on a sports team isn’t simply a way to keep them active and away from the television, but it also comes with important life lessons such as teamwork and competitiveness. Below is a quick list of the most popular sport amongst kids today.



Believe it or not, over volleyball and tennis, basketball is actually the most popular sport amongst girls. Over 450,000 girls in the US are on school sponsored teams. It’s also highly popular for boys as well. Seems in the past that Baseball was always the most popular sport amongst kids. Between 2002 and 2006 that changed and Basketball took the number one spot.


Baseball/Teeball/ Softball

Deemed as America’s pastime, Baseball has always been a popular choice amongst the youth. Usually kids will start playing Teeball, but will eventually move on to Baseball or Softball. Baseball is a huge part of American tradition. You play the game, get snacks and at the end of the season you’re rewarded with a pizza party. It feels so essential.



Back when I was a kid, Karate was huge. Karate Kid hit the theaters and every kind wanted to be on a team. It’s a great way to teach your kid self defense and discipline. Especially with all the bullying going on today, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to teach your kid how to defend themselves.



In the past twenty years Soccer has been fastly growing in popularity amongst the youth. Being a very simple sport to learn and play, Soccer will immediately be a blast for your children to play. With years of practice your kid will learn the more technical sides of the sport, but those first years will be straight forward fun.



Football is usually a cause for concern when it comes to children. The training can be hard and with the tough tackles, the game can be harder. Although most would surprised to find that football (if played correctly) is actually one of the safest sports to play.

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