Changing Tables Will Soon be Available in Men’s Restrooms

I’ve never seen a changing table in a male restroom before. If not for Unisex restrooms I probably would have never guessed that there would be changing tables in any restrooms. My ignorance is excused and that’s because baby changing tables are almost exclusively in women’s restrooms. It’s a system that pays no mind to single fathers out there. Doesn’t seem fair that fathers would usually have to settle for changing their baby on a sink counter.

Well, times are about to change and single fathers are about to rejoice, at least the ones living in Nevada. The states of Nevada’s lawmakers are supporting a bill that will soon see baby changing tables in every single restroom, whether it be male or female. This of course doesn’t apply to restrooms that are for the specific use of children.

The call for the bill was made when Justin Watkins, a Las Vegas Democrat had to settle for changing his baby’s diaper in the bathroom sink, his car or in one case, even on a park bench. The bill has since been approved by members of the Assembly Government Affairs Committee. The bill has been signed for co-sponsorship by twenty four lawmakers.

Though it doesn’t mean the nation as a whole will get changing tables in male restrooms, this is just the kind of spark we need to see that push in the future. It’s a law that supports fully the common sense of parenthood. In a time when fathers are more involved with their children than ever, it’s time they can depend on a safe and sanitary place to clean up their baby.