How Fatherhood Changes Men

It’s true that becoming a father changes your life in ways you never imagined.  As a dad myself, I must say I ditched my old lifestyle and now lives with a 360-degree turn.  So what does it really mean to embark on a life-changing as a father?

Dads value time (a lot)

Obviously, new dads are more motivated to be more responsible and hardworking for their families especially to their kids.  With time as the essence, quality time with family and more time in a stable job.

Dads value their careers

Non-dads are career- driven men but dads are putting extra effort all the time to be more productive and to earn a higher post for economic stability.  Some companies think of fathers as more dependable and more responsible that’s why it’s not a surprise that they get extra pay. The root cause: dads are empowered to be their best as they have to ensure a brighter future ahead of their families.

Dads value their health and mental wellness

The old lifestyle of dads include smoking, partying and drinking like there’s no tomorrow.  But now that they are role models to their kids, they are required to live a healthy lifestyle by taking care of their health.  While dad bods are real, a lot of fathers are active in outdoor activities like playing basketball, running or hitting the gym. Not only do they get to improve their health, they get to have “me time” which is essential for some peace and relaxation.

Apparently, fatherhood equates dramatic changes in a man’s life.  Aside from being gifted with beautiful children, they are inspired to become their best version for their families.  Hats off to all fathers!