How to Be an Incredible Single Dad

The very thought of taking the role as a single dad can be pretty scary. Think of screaming kids in public, messy house and hard to feed tots (and the list goes on and on)- you never thought of embracing these challenges but reality bites, you are a single father and you have to accept it. On a positive note, you’ll survive such life-changing function. Just Keep your heads up and enjoy the ride.

Be a Man
Whether your partner left you via a painful divorce or a devastating death, you have to keep the broken pieces together and get up from a deep fall. As the man of the house, you have to live with a steel-like faith and be a reliable presence for your children. Remember, you are their greatest wall so stay stronger.

Create happy memories with your kids
Instead of dwelling on the aches of the past, focus on the present and prepare your kids for a brighter future. This is best done by creating happy memories with them. How about a regular trip to the beach or a picnic at your local park? You need to shell out extra dollars for spending holidays with them but hey, nothing beats seeing your children genuinely happy and excited about doing fun things with you.

Be a dad and a friend
Give yourself (and the kids) a break by being gentle to yourself as a dad. Aside from imposing strict house rules with your authoritative voice, of course, it won’t hurt trying and loving vegetables for them, right? Dance with your child like no one is watching and be their shopping buddy. They’ll surely appreciate you more for doing these simple and hilarious gestures. Be a friend to them but be a father in a greater sense.