A Note For Every Dad-To-Be

All of us had a different childhood while growing up because our parents were different people with different parenting styles. Becoming a dad can be an overwhelming experience, and it’s the legacy of our own fathers that becomes the starting point of our parenthood. I know people whose dads were their biggest heroes, but there are also others who never got the chance to meet their fathers because they were never around.

But no matter what kind of father we had while growing up, we all wish to become even better parents than they ever were. Those whose fathers were their ultimate heroes will always use them as role models to prepare for their own parenthood but even people whose parents were absent throughout their childhood can benefit from the distance that was created between them and their dads and become far better parents when time comes, giving their children everything that they missed out on. Either way, our fathers will determine the kind of parents we will become ourselves one day.

Pregnancy can be a stressful time not only for expecting moms but also the soon-to-be fathers who have to worry constantly for nine months about what kind of parent they will be to their child. But it also a time when men connect the most with their own fathers, rewinding their lives in their heads and racking their brain for any clues and hints that their father may have dropped throughout their childhood that could help them prepare for the challenge of parenthood. This also creates a special bond between you and your father which transcends beyond the traditional father-son relationship. For the first time in your life, you’re able to relate to his challenges as a parent and how he must have felt when he was just starting out. Your father may also see you in a different light now that there’s a mutual sense of responsibility between you two.

Apart from connecting with your own father, seeking advice and learning from his experience as a parent, you may also feel the need to connect with other parents in your friend circle to learn how they felt when they had their first child and avoid the mistakes that they made as novices. If you’re feeling stressed or under pressure due to this overwhelming responsibility, don’t be scared to reach out to other experienced couples and fathers for advice, you’ll be surprised to know how much you could learn from them.