Single Fathers Raising Daughters

Now and days seeing single parents around is more common than ever. Though the spotlight is usually on single mothers, there are a good amount of single fathers out there. Raising another human being will be a challenge for anyone and if you generally have no experience with kids, the situation and can be all the more perplexing. At least fathers with boys have some kind of reference, but what does a lone father with a daughter do? Worry no more; we have the excellent advice you’ve been looking for.

Find a Female Mentor
Having a female mentor in your daughter life is essential regarding her growth. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sister, grandmother, aunt or friend. Someone has to be that strong female role model and someone has to teach her about the ins and outs of being a lady. It’s the single father’s job to find this woman for your daughter.
Raise Her to be Independent
Make sure you communicate with your daughter and listen to her. If she has a problem, don’t rush out and fix it for her. Maybe give her some guidance, but for the most part, give her the opportunity to solve her own problems.
Resist Being an Overprotective Parent
Being overprotective is likely going to be your instinctive calling. Nobody wants to see their little girl get up and get knocked down by the outside world for the first time. It’s important to step aside when the time is right and let her face the world. Holding her back can cause her to rebel or worse become a dependent child. Allowing her to take some risk will help her develop confidence and wit.
Be Involved
Make sure you show an interest in your daughter’s life. Be there for her. Make sure you go to athletic events. Take her shopping and show some interest in the girly things you’ve never cared for before.
Instruct Her On The Kind of Guys She Should Date
It’s going to be hard to see your daughter develop from a little girl to a teen who has the interest in boys and relationships. Guide her on who the right guy is and who the wrong one is. Instruct on signs to watch out for. Also, try to explain to her the emotional and physical changes that she is going through and the kind of an effect they’ll have on her body. You can also expect help from her female mentor.

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