Top 5 Dads From Your All Time Favorite Sitcoms


Throughout the years, television has


provided us with an endless amount of great sitcoms and with them came a number of amazing sitcom dads. Considering sitcoms have been entertaining us for generations, choosing the top five greatest sitcom fathers is no easy task, but despite that we decided it’s due time that these on screen father get the recognition they deserve.


Danny Tanner – Full House
For almost a decade, Bob Saget graced our screens on Full House as the kind hearted, Danny Tanner. After losing his wife in an accident, it was left on him to raise his three daughters. Luckily Uncle Jesse and Joey stepped in to help, though sometimes it felt like he was also fathering them as well.
Yet every episode provided a new amount stress, we never really saw Danny lose it. When Stephanie crashed the car through the house, Danny didn’t scold her like any real life parent would. Sure he had his initial moment of shock, but he remained for the most part calm. Furthermore, despite having a full time job as a morning show host, he still was always there for his family and always had words of wisdom to spread.


Andy Taylor – The Andy Griffith Show
No childhood was complete without hearing the catchy whistle that marked the start of The Andy Griffith Show. Along with a cast of neurotic and quirky characters, Andy always managed to keep his cool and approach people with calm and understanding. Despite Opie’s mother passing before he could remember, no one questioned Andy’s lone parenting abilities. He was running Mayberry smoothly as the sheriff, along with his homelife where he played the father role. If anyone made fatherhood look like a walk in the park, it was Andy Taylor.


Tony Micelli – Who’s The Boss
I think we all wanted Tony Danza to be our dad, when took on the role as widower and father, Tony Micelli in Who’s The Boss? What other sitcom father could match the devotion he had for his child. Once a professional baseball player, Tony left Brooklyn where he was a someone to become a housekeeper in Connecticut. Why did he do this? Just to raise his daughter in a more friendly environment. He was never bitter about the sacrifices he made. Throughout the shows run he was always funny and kind hearted.


Philip Banks – The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Though he was quick tempered and often taunted mercilessly by his nephew, Will and butler, there is no question that Philip was a great dad. Already taking on the stressful job of being a judge and raising three kids of his own, he also decided to let his troubled nephew live with him. Though Will wasn’t his own, he raised him like his own and maybe even gave him more attention. When Will and Carlton had plans of going to MacArthur Park, it was Philip who saved them. When Will’s long vanished father walked back into his life and walked out again, it was Philip who comforted him in the time of need. Philip saved the day of a number of occasions throughout the series, no doubt propelling him on the list of best sitcom dads.

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Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable – The Cosby Show
Cliff Huxtable was the king of commonsense. The advice he gave his children was flawlessly beautiful. He also always managed to be witty, funny and understanding. Doing all this while being a doctor and raising five children can all only happen on television. No list would be complete without having Huxtable’s name on it.