Why Daddies Are the Best Sports Teachers

By far, the second best role from being a father is by being a teacher to my children. Nothing beats the education and values that I instill in their young minds and bodies and I do it best through sports.

Every weekend, I engage my kids in various activities- from playing basketball in our local park to swimming in the clubhouse. It’s just amazing that a simple bonding can spark amazing things like laughing to our hearts’ content and working on our teamwork to get better and better.

While I’m a big fan of my wife’s unconditional love for our children, (Of course, she’s the superwoman of our family) I am proud to say that when daddies teach their kids sports, great things keep on happening. For many reasons why, these are my top 3 answers:

Interpersonal Skills
As P.E. coaches, dads are natural leaders and role models at the same time to their children. Being the head of the family, they know that their kids look up to them with so much respect and admiration. As such, they imbibe the values of leadership and sportsmanship.

Communication Skills
One of the upsides of being a dad is you know the strengths and weaknesses of your child hence communicating with him is easier. By fostering therapeutic communication, you become an effective teacher by honing his skills, boosting his confidence and keeping him safe.

Patience and Focus
Patience and focus are crucial to an effective and efficient teacher. As every child is unique so as their adaptability. That said, dads know that they have to be patient with their children/students and keep their focus on their goal: to produce excellent players with a great attitude.