Why Dads Suffer from Postpartum Depression

While postpartum depression is common among new moms, it comes as a surprise that dads also suffer from such mood disorder.

According to a new research conducted by the Indiana University School of Medicine, 4.4% of dads showed signs of depression.  This is nearly the same number found in women, 5%, who experienced postnatal depression.

Causes of Dad’s Depression

While the startling reality of dad’s depression is common, you may wonder why the man in the house experiences it considering that they did not experience the wild hormonal changes of pregnancy and the intense pains of labor and childbirth.  The natural cause is the shock that comes from newborn caring accompanied by:

  • Sleep deprivation
  • Pressures at work
  • Extra workload at home
  • Concerns on the health and wellness of their spouses
  • Worries on finances


How dads can help themselves

Postpartum depression in fathers is a serious mental problem and can cause negative impacts on their families particularly on the behavior of their children.  Here are helpful tips on how dads can take care of their mental health:

  • Talk to your family, friends or a counselor about your feelings.  That way you are able to cast away your anxieties, fears and anger while getting a support from your loved ones.
  • Engage in “me time” activities like playing basketball, biking or whatever hobby that interests you a lot.  It will keep you busy and will make you stronger and more creative.
  • Make exercise a daily routine- be it running or workout in the gym, it can help you mentally and physically active and positive