A Dad’s Guide on Choosing Healthy Snacks for Kids

One of the most effective formulas to have an easier and happier dad’s life is to never run out of snacks for your tots. Otherwise, be ready with your multitasking skills as a comedian/dancer/cook to pacify their tantrums.

Check these helpful tips when shopping snacks for  your baby and toddlers:


  1. Read the label and check the ingredients

Every dad should adhere to this basic principle.  Being familiar with food labels allow you to identify whether the toddler snack is healthy or not.  The more additives that you see, the more you say no to that product. Tip: Children need a bit of sugar and salt but not lots of them.


  1. Don’t be deceived by the sales pitch

It is important that you understand what the product is all about but don’t be fooled by its flowery message. It’s just ironic how some packages boast a photo of happy parents and healthy children when the ingredients contain little vitamins and nutrients.  That said, ignore the packet and check the list of ingredients.


  1. Focus on the good stuff

Of course, we don’t want to feed our babies and toddlers with snacks that contain unhealthy ingredients.  As such, forget the bad stuff and choose snacks that contain natural ingredients. How about vegetable snacks that look and taste yummy?  Kids would love them!


  1. Mix sweet and savory snacks

It’s okay to give sweets to your kids as long as in moderate servings.  It’s better when mixed with savory snacks to achieve admiration of different tastes.  So daddies, don’t freak out when you bring your kids to the grocery. Keep calm and just follow the guide.