Best Way to Handle a Picky Child


It can be frustrating to cook a huge meal only to have your children look at it with disgust. Arguments will usually ensure, your child will likely sit stubbornly at the table for an hours and eventually perfectly good food will end up in the garbage. It’s a shame, but it doesn’t have to end there. We have some tips that will take your picky child and put them on the right track. It will take effort, but will be worth it.


Make It Fun

Children will more likely eat something that isn’t so appealing to them if it is made to at least look more appealing. Buy a cookie cutter and shape that veggie into a dinosaur or smiley face. Instead of dinner, give them a breakfast meal. Kids love breakfast. Make sure you also serve them variety of bright foods. Something to get them excited.


Talk About The Food

Tell them why the food is good for them. If they aren’t eating carrots, educate them on the carrot and tell them that it’s good for their eyes and will help improve their vision. Maybe you can even learn something new about these veggies. They’ll often take their time with new food. Don’t rush them, but let them welcome it into their comfort zone at their own pace.


Don’t Promote Unhealthy Eating

If your child rejects your meal, don’t prepare them a separate meal. This will only push them further down the picky path. Make sure that if they don’t eat what’s in front of them then they won’t eat. Also, don’t use dessert as a reward. Doing this will subconsciously tell them that dessert is the best part of a meal. This will encourage them to eat more sweets.


No Distractions

Make sure the television and radio are turned off during the meal time. You’ll also want to make sure that cellphones are not allowed at the dinner table. Make sure their primary focus is on the meal. TV may show food advertisements that will have them sitting there longing for a less healthy food.

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