What You Shouldn’t Feed Your Toddler


Life for a toddler is dangerous. Everything this the source of major curiosity. THat said, you have to baby proof your whole house. Something that isn’t enough. Even mealtime can be dangerous for a baby. You have to smart about what you feed your baby. Not only is he developing and needs healthy food, but he’s also prone to things such a choking. Here is a list of what not to feed your baby.

Texture has to kept in mind when feeding the baby/Firstly, you have to avoid feeding your toddler anything that is slippery or too sticky. Carelessly shoveling these things into your baby’s mouth can end in a very bad way.

Hard fruits such as whole grapes, cherries or small apple pieces should be avoid. There slippery texture won’t make them hard for a baby to choke on. Along with this you should avoid giving your baby large chunks of meat. Meat is hard, chewy and can be stressful on the jaw as well as it can be very easy to choke on. Likewise you should avoid giving your baby chicken and hot dogs.

You should also avoid giving your toddler candy and cough drops. Now only is it dangerous for the baby in terms of choking, but candy isn’t the best thing for developing toddler. It can have affects on their growth. M&Ms, Skittles, gummy bears and any kind of hard candy can put your baby in a horrible way.

You want to avoid any other small solids. This means nuts, raisins, seeds, pretzels and raw carrots. You’ll also want to keep your baby away from peanut butter, honey, marshmallows and other sticky foods. Meals should be kept safe, simple and healthy for the first few years of a child’s life. You really don’t want to end up with a sickly baby.

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