Trick Your Kids Into Eating Veggies

Vegetables can be tough for any kid to swallow. You have all these good portions. You have the meat, the pasta and desert. Somewhere amongst them is something less appealing. Something that is rough and bland. Those are the veggies and kids can’t stand them. They just stick out these cold green things on the plate. Veggies as unappealing as they are, are part of balanced diet and have tons of health benefits. They aren’t something that your child should be missing out on.

Veggies aren’t served for nothing. They help reduce your risk of getting a number of diseases and illnesses. Amongst those are heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure and the common cold. These bland little foods are jam packed with vitamins and minerals. It’ll supply your child with the red blood cells that he needs. Your kid won’t even grow properly without a healthy dose of fruits and veggies. He may never live up to his full physical potential.

That said, it is your job as a parent to enforce the bland vegetables onto the child. If you are clueless on how to do so, here is what you have to do. You have to dress them up. Hide them in foods that are deemed good. Shred up some cauliflower and hide it inside of your kids mashed potatoes. If you are making some ground round burgers, you can hide onions, carrots and number of veggies inside the meat,

Another way to trick your children is to bake these veggies into a nice dessert or sneak them into a sandwich. Your kid will bite into that a never expect them in there. You can also cover the veggies up in something tasty. What is it that all kids like? Cheese. You could cover up those veggies in a thick layer of yellow cheese. Your kids will love veggies in no time at all.