When Should You Allow Your Children to be Outside Alone

It’s a question on many parent’s minds, “When should I allow my kid to walk to school alone, go out alone, take public transport alone and pretty much do anything alone?” For a first time parent, this can be downright terrifying to even imagine. So when is it okay? It isn’t an easy question to answer, in fact, a lot has to be taken into consideration when answering this question.

The media of course is no help. It fills our minds on the latest horrible story that has happened to one in the billions. We imagine the worse happening to our kid and prevent them from taking that essential step in their personal growth. Think twice before letting the bad news of the day determine your choices.

First off, take a look at the city that you live in. If it’s the Southside of Chicago, you may never what your children to walk alone. Not until they are fifty. If you live in a suburb, they can probably start taking these lone walks pretty early. Before they do so, just make sure to drill into their heads that they should never talk to strangers. Of course if you live outside of America your situation can be different.

Drill into their head that they need to be looking out for people. Also demand that they walk and go on public transport with at least one other person at all times. People are way more fragile when they are alone. A buddy system can take a lot of worrying weight off your shoulders.

Most importantly, before you release them into the outside world, make sure that they are ready. Is this something that they want? If they are longing for it, give in and send them a few small missions. Walks to the corner store or around the block are good for a start. It won’t be easy giving your kid this new freedom, but it will do them wonders.