Back-To-School Tips for Parents and Kids

Summer is about to end and that means a fresh start in school for you and your kids.  With a lax schedule during the hot season, it is expected that everyone in the family will adjust to a standard routine accompanied by the new school year.

Check these back to school tips designed to ease the transition from a long break to a busy school year for both parents and children.

  1. Get back into a healthy bedtime routine

It is encouraged that two weeks prior to going back to school, parents should set a fixed bedtime for their children.  That way, their body clock can slowly and gently adapt the new sleep and waking hours because obviously during the summer, kids have a great excuse to sleep late at night as they don’t have to beat the morning rush to school.  Reading their favorite books or putting an alarm clock on the bedside table before they sleep will help them get used to a healthy bedtime routine.


  1. Give your children educational activities before summer ends

Back to school time means new teachers, new classmates, and new activities.  This also means that students might be loaded with homework. To ease back to school work conveniently, conduct fun lessons with your kids before summer comes to an end.  Act as a teacher and discuss basic lessons then give them activities to answer. This way, they will not be shocked when they are assigned tons of works in class.


  1. Organize a family calendar

Since everyone in the house will be busy with work and school, bonding time is lessened hence creating a family calendar is the solution.  Keep everyone’s schedules in a shared calendar to keep track of every family members activities. This will help you identify the time when you can relax and enjoy each other as a family sans the worries of homework and office’s deadlines.