When to Break the News About Santa Being Fake

All over the world the names of Santa Claus never fails at ringing bells in the ears of children. Why shouldn’t he. He comes around once a year, sneaks into your house at night and drops off a bunch of gifts that you asked for. All you have to do is be good and bake him some cookies in the night. Santa is also a name that adds a lot of good vibes to the holiday season. With him are a bunch of other happy little characters. He has flying reindeers, elves, a wife and castle in the North Pole. He adds nothing but joy and magic to the holiday season for your children.

That said, Santa isn’t real and at some point you’ll have to let cold reality dawn on your child. There is no Santa. It doesn’t matter how good a kid is, if his parents don’t have money that kid won’t be getting anything. The world without Santa is a much colder place, but it’s better that your kid learn it from you then from a cold hearted stranger.

When it came to me learning about Santa being fake, I must have been eight-years-old. I remember it like it was like yesterday. It was Christmas morning 1996 and my parents and Santa had the same wrapping paper. At that moment it dawned on me. I wasn’t a stupid kid. My parents of course denied it, but I knew and felt relatively okay about it. The jig was up, but the Christmas magic didn’t fade for years to come.

I think this is actually a great way to break the news to your children. Let them figure it out for themselves. I left feeling clever, like I had solved some big prank. No need to talk to your children about it. Let them have that magic for as long as possible. You don’t want to outright spoil something magical for your child.