Is Your Child an Organized Student?

Kids can be very disorganized. Their backpacks, binders and school desk can be completely trashed. I know better than anyone as I was one of those disorganized kids. My desk and backpack were compact with papers that had been smashed in there. School assignments would get lost in their and I’d sit silently, too afraid to tell my teacher I couldn’t find something that was in my desk.

That all changed when my teacher called my mother and they two of them stood before me and the whole class as I removed piles of trash out of my desk. It was one of the most humiliating experiences of my childhood., yet the humiliation worked. After that day, I never let my desk get to such a cluttered state again. I had reformed into a somewhat organized student.

Humiliation should be the last resort. In fact, teaching your child a lesson through shame went out with the 20th century. A good way to keep your kid on the organized path is to simply give him reminders. Remind your child to keep his desk clean. Kids can be very aloof. You can tell them something Monday and by Wednesday it’ll be like it never happened. They need constant reminders.

You should also periodically check their backpack. Kids are usually in a rush to get out of class once that final bell rings. It’s a lot easier to just stuff some papers into their bag, then to actually take out their binders and put the papers in their neatly. Make sure you keep tabs on their backpack and make sure that it is well and organized.

If you can, contact their teacher on the sly and ask them if your child’s desk is orderly. If it isn’t, you can make sure that they are held a bit after class and made to clean it with just the teacher there.