The Dangers of Play Places

They’re so easy, so convenient and the kids absolutely love them. Those beloved play places that you’ll find at your local McDonald’s or Burger King. If you need a moment of peace, you can just stop by and let your kids run wild for awhile. They’ll be completely out of your hair. The kids will also have a great time going down slides, playing in the ball pen and climbing through all those big plastic tubes. Yet, maybe these play places aren’t all the fun and games they appear to be.

To begin with, these play places aren’t the cleanest places to put your children into. Play places are no stranger to rotten food, grime, fecal matter, broken equipment and obscene graffiti. I recall well back to my childhood. I was crawling through a play place and while crawling through the tubes I found my hand was in a puddle of urine. I was absolutely horrified. This incident didn’t get reported and the children didn’t stop piling in.

Most reports of filthy play place will often fall on management’s deaf ears. Raw food and fecal matter come with bacteria that can be potentially deadly for your child. Amongst the bacterias that can be found in play places are E. coli, coliforms, staph aureus and bacillus cereus. There are a number of horrible diseases that these can cause.

The structures themselves are not checked regularly. Look into any play place and you won’t be surprised to see shredded webbing, missing screws and bolts and broken windows. We can’t even go into the number of injuries that are sustained in these play places every year. What is happening here is downright criminal.

So next time you take your kid to a fast food restaurant, you might want to think twice before letting them run rampant in that play place they have shoved in the back. It could very well lead them down a path of illness and costly medical expenses. For the safety of your community, I recommend having your local play places checked out.