Don’t Be Surprised with These Things That Your Kids Will Bring Home from School

As back-to-school season approaches, children couldn’t be more thrilled and anxious.  Seeing new and familiar faces on the campus and experiencing exciting activities are few of the many things that they usually anticipate.  For parents, such picture is normal, however, guard your emotions when your children bring home one or more of these things from school:

Leftover snacks

When you expect your kid’s snack box to be empty but it’s not, don’t be disappointed.  It’s not that they don’t like the peanut butter sandwich that you prepared, of course, they got hungry but what consumed their time and attention is the endless chit chats and play with their friends and classmates.  What to do with the half-eaten sandwich? Just eat. That’s it.


Probably the worst “take-away” of your child from school.  It’s either she got it from the scorching heat of the sun while playing on the school grounds or from one of her classmates. Just wish hard that this nasty insect doesn’t reside in your child’s hair otherwise be ready for effective treatments.


Getting themselves dirty and happy are normal so just calm down and get the best laundry soap to clean their soiled uniforms.  More so, make sure to give them a thorough bath once they get home so as not to spread the countless germs that accompany them.  

Their classmates’ things

My son keeps on surprising his mom and I (and himself) every time he gets home from school.  Aside from his own school’s stuff, his bag is a storage of his friends/classmates’ things, too.  There was a day when Barbie pencils and Avengers’ cards were mixed on his bag. When asked about them, he just said “Oh” as if he was shocked.