Help Your Child Deal With Loss


Losing a loved one is hard for anyone, yet when you’re an adult and have a better understanding of life you can more easily grasp what’s going on. For a child with little understanding, it can be twice as rough. This is definitely a time when a child will need the guidance of an adult. They need you more than ever to comfort and explain to them what exactly is going on. Here are some steps you can take.


Talk About It

Encourage your children to talk about what they’re feeling and what they’re thinking. Keeping quiet will only lead to an unhealthy buildup within. You need to be a good example as well. Tell them how you’re feeling and what’s going on with you. If you are open, they’ll be more open. Don’t just do this for the first days or the week of the death, but continue doing this for maybe a couple of months.


Tell Them What to Expect

The passing of a loved one can really rock a child’s world. It can be scary for them. You have to assure the that life will move on. You have to be strong for them even if you feel weak and alone. Tell them about the changes that will happen. Create a new routine for them and explain how it will all take effect.


Keep The Memory of The Person Alive

Talking, remembering and sharing good memories of the lost loved one can really help the healing process for both children and adults alike. Make sure you encourage your child. Have them draw pictures of the loved one, write stories about the person and give them a picture to hold.


Teach Them

If you don’t feel like you have the knowledge to really school them on this subject matter, you can find a number of children’s books on the subject matter. They will make the situation easier for the child. They won’t feel so alone.