How to Wake up Your Child the Proper Way

Without an alarm clock, you can wake up your kids the right way and train them to be a morning person with a happy disposition.  

Wake up early with a good attitude.

Simple. Walk the talk by waking up early and flood yourself with positivity and gratitude.  Note that your mood has a powerful ability to affect your child’s behavior so if you feel a bit grumpy, smile and embrace a lovely day ahead of you.

Make the necessary preparations the night before.

Don’t cram on the morning when everyone else in the house is busy preparing for school and work.  By practicing responsible parenthood, you should have made ready all the important things like the menu for breakfast, snacks of your kids and their school outfits.

Try using the gradual natural light while waking your child.

One of the effective ways of waking up your child without his/her alarm clock is opening the slides or curtains in his/her room slowly to allow a peek of a natural sunlight.  he/she may be distracted at first but it’s a great reminder that it’s a new bright day for school.

Sing a song to improve your kid’s mood.

How about singing your kid’s favorite song as you gently wake him up?  Or you can play some music while you cuddle him. Take it as an opportunity to bond before you go your separate ways for the day.

Be realistic on the time consumed in waking up a kid.

Note that waking up a kid is not easy as pie so forcing him to wake up instantly or hurrying a kid to get ready will affect him significantly.  Be gentle in waking up your child and set a daily sleeping and waking times so that he’ll get used to it and both of you can avoid petty misunderstandings.