Keeping Your Kid Safe During the Winter

When most think of dangerous weather, it’s the heat that usually comes to mind. Don’t overlook just how harsh a winter can get. It can bring on a world of sickness and other horrible conditions. When it comes to keeping yourself warm it’s pretty easy, but what about the children? They aren’t as sensitive to bad weather as we are and will often go out in just a shirt and jeans. You as a parent have to make sure that they are prepared. Here is how you go about doing so.

  • Layers Upon Layers – One shirt and a jacket isn’t going to cut it, especially if it is really cold outside. You have to layer those little buggers up. This means you got to make sure they have a shirt on, a couple of sweaters and a jacket. There is no telling how rough the winter will get as the day pushes forward. Long underwear and an extra pair of socks is also never a bad idea.
  • Stay Hydrated – It should come as no surprise that people tend to drink less in the winter. It isn’t hot outside and thus we aren’t sweating as much. Truth be told, we actually lose more water in the winter. We lose more water through our breathing. That said, make sure that your kid always has a bottle of water handy.
  • Put Up Alarms – Although winter is a time of snow and rain, the season is also one of common household fires. You have people putting up lights, lighting candles and sleeping with heaters on. There is a risk and you can combat that risk by getting your fire alarms checked.
  • Check on Your Child’s Warmth – Getting wet when it’s freezing outside can lead to a nasty situation. That said, check on your child. Make sure that his clothes haven’t gotten wet while he was out playing. Most kids will continue playing despite the wetness. You have to be the eyes and ears.
  • Sunscreen – Even though it isn’t the summer make sure to put some sunscreen on your child. The sun can be intense no matter what season.