Make Sure Your Kids Are Aware of The World

Seen now and days parents are more overprotective than ever. Childhoods are resulting kid sitting on the couch and flipping through their phone. In about about twenty year they’ll recall growing up in a montage of Youtube clips and different phone brands.

Recalling my childhood back in the 1990’s, kids had huge amounts of freedom. We stayed out till nightfall, ran all around the neighborhood and half the time our parents had no idea where we were. This was normal and the world was a much more dangerous place in some aspects. The difference between kids then and now is that we were very aware of the danger around us and taught how to avoid it.

Parents you don’t need to be overprotective, you just need to educate your child on the ways of the world. Make sure they know never trust someone who offers them candy or needs help finding a lost puppy. Tell them to avoid stranger. I was told very often as a child to stay away from strangers. The news also enforced this by playing story after story about kids getting kidnapped. I wanted nothing less than to be kidnapped as a child.

My dad also told me a number of horror stories from his childhood and really stressed to never join a gang and then he would tell me about gangs and how bad they were. This totally made me stay away from gangs.

I know some parents want to paint a perfect world for a child, but reality is a very important thing to know about. As a child I was out all the time and was very aware of my surroundings and what could happen if I wasn’t hot on my toes. I’m sure if my parents didn’t constantly warn me about things something terrible would have happened to me.