How Prep Your Child For the Summer Heat

The summer is just around the corner which means that your kids aren’t going be spending days in air conditioned classrooms anymore. Alternatively, the little tikes will spend the bulk of their days outside in the sun. Spending a day out in the hot summer may sound insane to most adults, but for kids it’s the best thing in the world. Despite their love for the summer heat, kids are still at danger of heat stroke, heat exhaustion and dehydration. You have to make sure your kids are prepared for that vicious heat. Here is how you can do it.


  • Sunscreen – It may be hard to take seriously, but sunscreen actually significantly reduces the sun’s UVRs. Make sure to put in on them about 15 minutes before they go out. This gives the cream time to sink into the skin and prevents it from easily washing off during the day.
  • Cover Up – We aren’t talking about sweaters and such, we mean that it’s important to set your kids up in hats and other protective things. Protecting the back of the neck from the sun’s rays is also very important.
  • The Mornings – If your kid isn’t enough to run out and play by himself all day, make sure that you take them out earlier in the morning. This will prevent your child from playing when the sun is at its most intense. The sun’s intensity peaks around 2pm. They definitely shouldn’t be out around that time.
  • Keep the Sun Off Babies – Keep young infants out of the sun. It can cause them a world of panic. Furthermore, make certain that they are dressed in loose and comfortable clothing during the summer.
  • Drink Up – Kids aren’t always the most self-aware bunch. Make sure you give them water to last throughout the day. It is important that they drink as much as they can. Make sure you stress how important water is. You want to make them as aware as possible.