How to Assist Your Child With Their Homework

I struggled with school as a young child. It just seemed things would go in one ear and right out the other. I failed a ton of my classes all the way up until the 11th grade. That’s when I started trying. As a child my mother would help me with my homework. It wasn’t much help. She’d be impatient, I’d be completely lost and she’d end up doing a lot of the work for me. This is definitely not the way to help your kids, here’s how.

  • Set up a area for your child that is free of distractions. Kids will grasp for anything and look for anything to get lost in. Make sure the desk is completely here and that their homework is the most interesting thing before them. That’s one way to go about things.
  • Monitor and watch your children. Don’t sit next to them and hover but stand in the far background. If you see that nothing is getting done ask them if they are struggling. If they are, go through the homework with them, explain it and try to make them understand what they’re looking at.
  • Always make sure your kid is doing their own work. The worst thing you can do is do their homework for them. They’ll never learn this way and will only fall further behind in their class and will suffer more when it comes to doing their homework.
  • Make sure that you schedule a time every day for them to do their homework. That way they know when to do homework and there will be no fuss about being pulled away from something that they are doing.
  • Furthermore, get to know your child’s teacher and what they’re looking for. This way you’ll know what is expected of your child.

Father helping daughter with homework