Break the News of Divorce to Your Children

My parents got divorced back in 1997 and it was no secret. They couldn’t be together for more than a minute before an argument would take hold. I mean an arguments were so loud that you could hear it from down the street. They would deny any future divorce when we’d ask about it, but it was apparent and when it happened it was a great relief. The arguments had ceased and the only pain came in seeing one of my parents every other weekend.

I suppose in most cases divorce is only for the best. You don’t want them growing up in an environment that is toxic. Let your kid learn through example. If things are going bad get a divorce and then shoot for a more successful relationship. This way you are showing your kid that their are second chances. That good relationships are possible and that it doesn’t end in tragedy.

Explain to them that people grow apart sometimes or rush into things that they aren’t really ready for. Nobody is perfect and life is full of ups and downs. Always assure your child that it isn’t their fault. Usually a child will be quick to blame himself for the destruction of the family unit. Make sure everything is talked about thoroughly.

To stop your child from taking sides between parents, talk to them together. Make sure that you can be civil and not overran by emotions. Explain things logically to your child, but leave out all the dirty little details a kid doesn’t have to hear. Tell them about the pain that they may feel. Let them know that they aren’t losing anybody. They still have both parents.

When all is said and done, you can rest assured that your child is going to have a high quality life from this divorce. Things just have to be taken care in a very cool and collected way. Be strong for your child. Don’t let them down.