What can be Hiding in Your Child’s Halloween Candy


Few holidays can compare to Halloween when it comes to the little ones. It is perhaps the most thrilling time of the year for them. It is a season that is filled with candy, costume contest, thrills and chills. Let’s not forget to mention how fun it can be for a child to dress up as his favorite character from a movie or television show. Some children would even consider this holiday to be better than Christmas.

The best aspect is probably the candy. The thought of going door to door and getting free candy is enough to make anyone crack a smile. Sadly, it isn’t all candy and fun, not with the amount of sickos on the loose. Some of these people have taken it upon themselves to taint the candy that is handed out to children. In the past it has caused injury to many a young one who found himself biting into a razor.

These criminals are crafty. That said, you as a parent have to check on this candy before letting your kid consume it. It’s all up to you. These crooks have been known to put razors into apples and then cover them with the caramel that makes them candy apples. Talk about the shock of a lifetime. Twizzlers have been known to be laced with needles. Make sure you examine them, bend them around before giving them to your kid to consume.

One of the newer atrocities reported is candy make with mind altering substances. I would only trust candy that is wrapped well. Anything that isn’t wrapped should be checked thoroughly or just thrown out immediately. It is much better to be safe than sorry. Activities such as these became national news in the 1990’s and have been happening ever since.

This news isn’t to be taken lightly. The threat is real and your children can be at risk. Just make sure to make this holiday a happy one and not a nightmare. You can always check out your local haunted house for a scare.