Early Parenting Mistakes

As a first time parent there a few mistakes that should never be made. Ones that can leave you in a very scary situation. There are also ones that can have profound and lasting effects on your baby well into adulthood. Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve made these mistake before. You’re a first time parent and it happens. Just make sure you start correcting those mistakes. That said, here are some of the biggest mistakes that new parents will make.


  • Sleeping with Your Baby – Sleeping with your baby is a horrible mistake to make. It’s one of those mistakes that can end very badly. The baby is young, fragile and can’t call for help. Our nights are filled with tossing and turning. You can easily get the picture here.
  • Competitive Parenting –  Competitive parenting can leave your child feeling really resentful of you. Your child is going to have his strengths and weaknesses. That said, you can’t start comparing him to other children. He has to be himself.
  • Forgetting Actions Speak Louder Than Words – Your actions speak louder then your words and your children are watching you. You can tell them to be good, treat others with respect and not smoke all you want, but if they see you doing these things, they are getting a completely different message of how to act and treat others. You have to be your child’s biggest role model.
  • Ignoring Your Baby – A lot of new parents are easily fed up when they hear their baby crying. It gets to the point that if they hear their baby crying they might just ignore it and wait for the baby to cry it out. This is something that nobody should do. The baby isn’t simply crying because it wants to cry. Something is wrong nad you need to check it out.