Having a Child With Down Syndrome

You’re expecting a child, you’re stoked and can’t wait for this new chapter of your life to begin. But all isn’t well. Your baby comes out not the healthy, vibrant child you expected him to be. He has down syndrome. Don’t despair. Your world isn’t coming to crashing end. Down syndrome adults can grow up to be just as successful as regular people. Although before you delve into parenting one here are something you need to know.

  • You’ll Find Happiness – You aren’t going to be overjoyed by your down syndrome baby to begin with, but as time goes by things will change. You’ll find that down syndrome people are often positive, happy and perfectly okay with who you are. You are going to bring a very happy person into this world.
  • They’re a Baby – Down Syndrome babies are no different from regular babies. They’ll spit up, soil themselves and keep you up all night with crying. They also will cuddle you, clutch your finger and make you smile.
  • You Won’t Be Limited – Just because your baby has an extra chromosome doesn’t mean you won’t be able to do things other families are taking part in. You can still go to the beach, walk around at Disneyland and take him to the museums. He’ll still get excited over the things regular kids get excited about.
  • They Can Be Successful – Down syndrome children aren’t destined to live with their parents forever and work as a stock boy at their local Walmart. These people have potential to do as much as any normal person. A good example of this would be Tim Harris. He owns a restaurant in New Mexico. There have been plenty of star athletes with Down Syndrome and one even climbed Mount Everest.
  • He’ll Surprise You – You aren’t in for a life long burden. Your down syndrome child will surprise you and eventually you’ll really love him.