How to Comfort a Kid After Dad Gets Mad

Being a parent is both rewarding and challenging. Definitely, the joys of fatherhood are priceless especially seeing your kids grow happy and healthy. However, the pressures and challenges brought by this lifetime role can be too much to bear hence getting calm and composed can be difficult.

Often, we tend to become hostile with our children and screaming/scolding them are our means of letting out our frustrations and anger. While such behavior is normal in the aim of disciplining our kids, we should remember that they can imitate our attitude and it can greatly affect their emotional and mental growth.

It is highly recommended that we comfort our kids after witnessing us erupt in anger.

Calm Down
Before approaching your kid for a comforting talk, make sure that you are already calm, otherwise, you’ll find yourself in an angry situation over and over. You cannot walk the talk if you are still overwhelmed with madness and disappointments. Take a walk outside your house and breathe some fresh air or listen to your favorite music to keep your senses calm.

Reflect on the experience
It’s easy to yell and be aggressive but bear in mind that kids are gentle beings and they are vulnerable to the pain inflicted on them making them helpless. Take time to reflect whether you have crossed your limits as a parent and whether you have caused trauma to your child.

Fix the damage
After you have collected your thoughts and are ready to communicate in a calm way, approach your child and invite him for a talk. Be patient as some children won’t respond positively right away. Tip: Get him to play his favorite game/toy as a good start then talk to him about what happened. More so, get his creative advice on solutions that the both of you can collaborate.

Re-connect with your child
After repairing the damage, treat your kid to his favorite fast-food chain or watch a movie together. That way he will feel less threatened and your strong bond is still there. After all, it’s your duty as a parent to make him feel better.