How to Stop a Screaming Child in Public

Kids screaming in public can make parents impatient and irritable considering the pressure of judgemental people around them.  While it’s natural for parents to get mad and cover their child’s mouth to conceal the noise, instead of solving the problem, it worsens the situation as the child tend to imitate their parent’s behavior.

Instead of applying physical control, there are rather gentle and effective ways to quiet a noisy child.  Note that fostering a positive and healthy relationship with your kid is way more important than to contend with the judgment of the public.

STOP– The moment that you hear your child scream and cry in the middle of a crowd, please take a moment to pay attention to your child and stop whatever it is that keeps you busy.  Identify the cause of their disturbing behavior. Are they hungry? Sleepy? In pain?

SQUAT– Instead of standing while trying to figure out what caused the scandalous attitude of your child, squat and look them in the eye.  That way, your child will feel that you took the extra effort to reach out to him/her and will help you assess the situation, too.

SHHH– Apply optimism by smiling and lowering your voice when you talk to your child.  That way you pacify the tension and help him/her quiet down.

SING–  If your screaming child seems hard to comfort, maybe you can sing calmly and slowly his/her favorite song.  If this doesn’t work, let him be, hug him and remove him from the environment that caused his screaming. When he’s calm, that’s the time that you talk to him.  Tell him that you didn’t like what he did but don’t blame him for what happened.