It’s Okay to Break These Parenting Rules

When you’re a parent, you are flooded with parenting rules that offer you the safest and most effective tips to become an efficient father.  However, it’s okay to unleash your rebel side and just be the cool dad for your kids.

Rule # 1: Don’t take the newborn out of the house.

Newborns are fragile and sensitive tiny creatures but keeping them in the house like forever won’t do them good.  Forget about being criticized by the elders and take your little one out of your house. A breath of fresh air and getting sun-kissed with a dosage of vitamin D is healthy for the baby.  You may want to take her for a walk (in her stroller) in a local park. These things are totally A-ok.

Rule #2: Sleep when the baby sleeps.

This old-fashioned rule is really effective but what if you can’t force yourself to nap together with your child?  Don’t be consumed by the pressure of limited sleep and tension and give in to this strict rule. After all, you’re too familiar with your body clock so follow the time that best suits your sleep.  Just make sure your partner is available to watch over your baby when you hit dreamland.

Rule #3: Stick to your guns.

When your toddler is already screaming and begging you to extend her playtime but you want to adhere with your daddy rules and put him to sleep at exactly 7 pm- don’t you think giving in to his heart’s desire will make him happier?  It’s okay to bend the rules sometimes if it means joy and excitement for your kids. Remember, 20 mins.of extended play time won’t hurt.

Rule #4: Don’t stress yourself over a messy house

As much as we want, we cannot help it but go crazy when the house is disorganized.  Think of the clutters and the spilled milk and cereal on the floor. Is this a relaxing house that you want to see after a long day at work?  Sometimes, it’s okay to get mad but make sure you are reminded of the reality that play is every kid’s occupation.