Preparing Your Child For Their First Day of School

The first day of school can strike a lot of terror into the heart of a child. I went in pretty easily, but I recalled seeing one kid clutch onto his mother weeping while another kid was latching onto a pole and getting pulled by his legs. After five years of being practically glued to their parents, some kids will have that moments of break down outside the front door. Here is how you can prevent that.

Before School

  • Get them excited – Buy them a cool backpack and lunch box. Tell them about how amazing school is and how much they’ll learn. Tell them about the interesting friends they’ll meet. Make it exciting and positive for them.
  • Tour The School – Tour the school with them a bit. Let them become familiar with the hallways and the building. Tell them what to expect in class and explain the rules. Don’t stress them about it, but be open, explain and answer any questions they may have.

The First Day

  • Relax – Wake up an hour early on the first day of school and relax. Take sometime to talk over how they’re feeling, make them a nice breakfast and head out the door. If you wake up in a huge rush, it can cause anxiety and panic. Everything has to be taken easy on that first day.
  • Dropping Them Off – A lot of children will suffer from separation anxiety and they may even throw a tantrum when you get to the school. You have to calmly reassure them that everything will be okay and that you’ll be there to pick them up when school ends. Tell them that if they are having problems that they can always go to the teacher.
  • Picking Them Up – Make sure that you aren’t late when picking them up. Doing this can cause your child to panic. Make sure you even show up a little early. Afterwards, take your child out to lunch and talk with them. Have some quality time.

Everything should run smoothly on the first day of school if you follow these rules. With trust, assurance and a peaceful demeanor, your child will do great. You play such a big part in your child’s success.