Saving Your Kid From Shyness

Shyness can be an absolute curse for a child. It can hold them back from really living life to the fullest and getting the most out of things. They can be friendless, bullied and ignored by their teacher by being so quiet. You have to do something for them quick. You can’t expect your child to change on command and be outspoken overnight, but you can push them gently by practicing these techniques.


  • Don’t Be Shy – You are the greatest influence on your children, especially in those early years. If you don’t want your child to be shy, you have to model outgoing behavior. Make sure they are around when your with your friends. Show them how people act around each other.
  • Practice – The person who first used the saying, “Practice makes perfect” wasn’t lying, it does make perfect. That said, make sure you introduce your children to a number of social activities. Take them to parks, parties and to their friend’s houses. They need to be around people.
  • Build Them Up – Build your child’s confidence up. Don’t ignore them or put down what they are doing. Give them a boost. Tell them they are cool and make sure you allow them a forum to voice their opinions.
  • Relate to Them – Relate to your child. If they are scared of certain situation, tell them about a time that you went through something similar. Then tell them about the results that followed and how everything worked out great at the end.
  • Give Them Tip – If you want to give your child some pointers on being cool and being confident, do so. Do not hold back. If you practice these rules, your child will be outgoing in no time at all.