Saying Goodbye to Your College Kid

Few things can be as sad than when you send your kid off to college. It’s absolutely absolutely heartbreaking watching your kid exit the car and walk into adulthood. Things can get much worse when you get home to that empty house that is now void of youthful laughter. You’ve been getting yourself ready for this. Your kid has been becoming more of their own person and distancing themselves from you. You thought you were prepared but it still hurts so much. Here is how you can make things easier for both you and your child during this rough period.


  • Focus on Your Remaining Children – Don’t obsess over the one child that is gone when you have another child needing you at home. You are still a parent with a job to do. Don’t slack off now. You other children misses their brother and sister and they need you to be strong for them.
  • Pick Up a Hobby – Now that you have a big bulk of free time on your hands, do something with it! Remember all those nice little things you liked doing before you were a parent? Get back to them. Take up painting or something.
  • Clean Your Kid’s Room – Your college kid’s room is probably in pretty rough shape. They’re teenagers and let’s face it, teen are far from the cleanest. You’ll probably clean glunk that was lying dormant for years.
  • Give Them Breathing Room – Don’t start calling them everyday and checking up on them. Let them live their life. They are full on adults now and it is your job as a parent to let them experience that adulthood.


This is a moment that should make you proud. Your child is going out there and becoming a man or a woman. Hope for the best. Hope that they took something away from you and your spouse and will go out there and kick some serious butt. This isn’t a time for depression, this is a time to rejoice and celebrate. You raised a kid who’s going to college. Some can’t say that.

Mother hugging teenage son as he packs for college