Being a Single Parent on Christmas

Christmas can be tough when it comes to being a single parent. Being raised in a single parent home and now being a single parent myself, I should know. Things are never as easy and as smooth as we want them to be when you’re a member of a family that is split apart. Christmas is no exception. It is the time of togetherness and family unity. That said, your spirits can be a little low come the holiday season.

If they are low, it’s completely understandable. It sucks waking up to an empty house of Christmas morning after spending so many years with your kids. Don’t worry though, you just need to split the days. Maybe you can have Christmas morning while your wife has Christmas Eve. This is the way it worked in my family for years.

For the kids it isn’t so bad. I recall it being double the events as I’d spend Christmas Eve with my father and then the next day with my mother and her family. When it came to gift giving, I got double the gifts. It was amazing. It’s not such a problem for the kids. As a young adult, it used to bother me how one of my parents would be alone during the holidays. I would imagine them sitting on the couch alone, maybe watching some TV special or reading a book.

Today I realize that Christmas is for the kids. If they are having a good time that is what matters. I can have my joys on the side. Once you have kids, they are the ones that need to come first. It can be hard to consider for some, but it’s the die hard truth. So don’t feel too bad when you aren’t with your kids during the holiday season.