Teaching Your Kid Self Control

When adults feel angry, we usually have enough self-control to step aside and cool off without it turning into some incident. Children haven’t quite mastered the concept of self-control yet and a tantrum can usually end in tears or another hurt child. It’s quite normal for something along these lines to happen, but if you don’t get on them about controlling their emotions this can follow them into adulthood and eventually land them in prison.


Be an Example

Children will often model themselves after their parents. That means that you have to be an example to them. If they see you contently blowing your top and losing yourself in anger, they’ll likely follow that example.


Developing Brain

It’s impossible to expect your toddler to practice self-control this is something that comes with a developed mind. That said, don’t go too hard on your kid too early. Yet, by they are four you can begin to expect more out of your child. That is the perfect age to start showing them these kinds of behaviors.



Start practicing as soon as they’re brain has developed enough to make a decision. Put them through test, talk to them about the importance of self-control. Seldomly reward them for the progress they make. Their self-control should come from the heart. While you put them through practices, explain to them the types of people who have self-control and the ones that don’t. Relate to something that they love.


With Desire They Will Learn

When they realize that the world doesn’t revolve around them and wait of them hand and foot, your child will need to strategize to get what they want. With this they will learn self-control. They’ll desire to hand friends, to be cool and have nice things. They’ll learn that they can’t get these things by crying and losing it, but only using self-control.