The 7 Habits of Super Amazing Dads

No matter the circumstance- pressures on beating your deadlines at work, children throwing tantrums and your wife struggling with household chores- you’ll survive these challenges and you’ll be a successful person and an amazing father.  

If you doubt your abilities, these traits are guaranteed to sharpen you on becoming a super awesome dad to your children:



By being active in parenting your baby, you’ll naturally develop a passion for being a dad.  In doing so, your child imitates your dedication and love hence grow with you in a healthy relationship.



Inevitably, you have to be creative when spending time with your kids.  Note that they have a short attention span so expect to be a juggler of all sorts- from being their clown to their teacher (It’s fun!).



New dads get crazy at the thought of taking care a newborn.  Slow down, keep your focus and just be confident as it takes time to be self-assured that you and your baby are doing A-okay.



It takes a lot of patience for parents especially for dads to manage a bunch of impatient and wonderful kids.  To instill this virtue to your children, you must first foster patience repeatedly in yourself.



Sometimes the best way to handle a tough situation is to endure it. When your toddler screams and cries endlessly, your endurance will help you understand that such behavior is normal and it will not last.



Children are best imitators so better deliver your daddy skills with utmost positivity even if your day is crappy.  After all, they’ll copy your optimism and your lives are happier when negative vibes are absent.



No matter how busy your day gets, spending quality time with your family is crucial.  Your presence means a lot to your wife and kids and they’ll appreciate you more when you take the extra step of reading them their favorite books or by simply chatting with them.